Who are we?

We are the Diamond Citizen Welfare Trust. We are a service-oriented Trust and a non-profit organization.

Our journey started with the dual objectives of addressing the needs of senior citizens who would like to lead a healthy and peaceful life whilst having an opportunity to share the wealth of their knowledge and experience and addressing the needs of the Tribal community who continue to struggle in their pursuit of leading a healthy life devoid of stigma and discrimination.

Within Wayanad district alone tribal population is about 1,50,000, which is the highest in Kerala state. The State Govt., Central Govt. and some NGO groups are trying their best efforts towards improving lifestyle of the Tribal community since Independence.  Nevertheless this is not enough as most of the tribal people live below the poverty line and don't seem to have the right opportunities and infrastructure to learn, adapt and improve their quality of life to meet the demands of the ever-evolving and fast-paced 21st century economy, whilst preserving their culture and tradition.

We are a registered Trust and all our trustees are committed to put all their best efforts to make the Tribal life go in tangent with the main stream, ultimately to combine together to become one straight line, growing up. We in Diamond Citizen Welfare Trust do have reasons to believe that the Tribal Community can emerge as a force to reckon with towards nation Building in the near future. We shall work in coordination with Govt., NGO, general public, Industrialists and the like-minded.

Our long-term plan of action is to:

  • Arrange and help improve further education.
  • Impart training and coaching art and sports activities to improve skill towards National and International participation/competition.
  • Data collection to start recording qualification wise, age and gender wise tribal population, per capita income within Wayanad district.
  • Employment data - Govt., Central/State, public sector, private and self employment.
  • Revive and promote heritage culture and values.
  • Self-help training with the use of locally available raw materials like bamboo, spices, grass, vegetables & rabbits.
  • Highly potential Tourist destinations to be improved/developed  to tap potential range of  various innovative products in order to bring it up in line with southern part of Kerala, if not better.
  • Almost 50 kms of National Highway passing through the district is to be utilized for Wayanad exposure and generate income.
  • Persuade Industrialist and planters to contribute generously to the cause of Tribal Community such that Wayanad gets deserving status.
  • Periodic review  of these objective and update data bank.