Is this you?

Despite love, affection and care between husband , wife , Parents and children they are unable to be present and take care of each other due to compelling situations. Today our society is more practical and understanding. The stigma is no more present. Understanding these realities we are committed to :

  • A husband and wife both retired from service or business, whose ward(s) is/are living away from them or outside India and well settled, financially sound and independent, but are, however, unable to be present and take care of each other due to reasons mentioned above.
  • A widow or widower retired from service or business, whose ward(s) is/are living away from him/her or outside India
  • A spinster above the age of 60 yrs, who wishes to live away from relatives and aspire to be living with this concept, and yet can get in touch with their near and dear whenever they wish to do so.

Life is not a pre-determined package or service plan...

We don't believe that retired life can be packaged. This is why we promise to offer a personalised service that meets your requirements and objectives. This means that the cost will also be based on your requirements.
God has given us two great gifts: Physical Health and Mental Health.
Diamond Citizen Welfare Trust is here to provide senior citizens appropriate care and opportunity to maintain these gifts in such a way that it benefits the individual, in particular, as well as the community and society around each individual, in general.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss options regarding accommodation preferences, food preferences, activities interested and we will endeavour to provide the services that meet your requirements.

But life can be about making a difference...

As a senior diamond citizen, what we can offer you is the opportunity to voluntarily take part in activities that we at the Diamond Citizen Welfare Trust, are passionate about - the welfare and improvement of the under-privileged Adhivasis of Wayanad. Why? Because we believe that the Tribal Community can emerge as a force to reckon with, towards the prosperity and development of our wonderful country. To this extent, we will work in coordination with the Govt., NGOs , general public , Industrialists and like minded forward-thinking individuals to achieve the following:

  • Arrange and help improve further education.
  • Impart training and coaching art and sports activities to improve skill towards National and International participation /competition.
  • Data collection to start recording qualification wise, age and gender wise tribal population, Per capita income, within Wayanad district.
  • Offer employability advice for Central / state , public sector , Private and self employment opportunities.
  • Revive and promote heritage culture and values.
  • Self help training with the use of locally available raw materials like Bamboo, spices, grass ,vegetables & Rabbits.
  • Highly potential Tourist destinations to be improved / developed to tap potential range of various innovative products in order to bring it up in line with southern part of Kerala, if not better.
  • Almost 50 kms. Of National Highway passing through the district is to utilized for Wayanad exposure and generate income.
  • Persuade Industrialists and planters to contribute generously to the cause of Tribal Community such that Wayanad gets deserving status.