Welcome to Diamond Citizen!

Diamond Citizen is a novel venture run by The Diamond Citizen Welfare Trust, wherein we offer senior citizens, the required service and care, that is personalised and not pre-packaged.

We believe senior citizens have a lot to offer to our country and society instead of being treated as an ageing population statistic or problem that is usually ignored or forgotten.

Senior citizens have the knowledge, experience, specialisation, generosity, wisdom and above all the care and concern for the under-privileged and the future generation, that is generally overlooked by a thriving fast-paced society.

The other end of the spectrum are the under-privileged people, who are oppressed by poverty, stigma, lack of literacy and skills in the society. People like the Adhivasis of Wayanad.

The Diamond Citizen Welfare Trust believes that by offering senior citizens, the protection, care, security and the opportunity to lead a peaceful retired life that is enriched by the opportunity to advice, train and help the down-trodden such as the Adhivasis, senior citizens will be able to pro-actively and voluntarily contribute to the benefit of society so that their invaluable knowledge and experience is not seen as a thing of the past but an asset that can only be offered by them and no one else.

Simply put, our objective is to provide the opportunities to senior citizens, so that they lead an enriched life and in return, if they are able to do so, they enrich the society around them in whichever way they can.